Big Boss Oilless Deep Fryer

big-boss-deep-fryer What's going on with all these "big" names when it comes to these fryers? It's kind of funny.

This "big" deep fryer is not a turkey fryer, which makes it great for everyday use rather than once or twice a year use. It employs the same infrared, invection and halogen technology to cook the food that you put in it as the turkey fryers, but you can actually use it inside.

This is the midsize countertop deep fryer, which can hold up to 12 1/2 quarts. With it, you can bake, roast, broil, grill, boil, steam and air fry both vegetables and meats. It comes with the main oven unit, an extender to cook larger items, cooking racks, tongs and a recipe book.

Although the advertiser claims it cooks 3 times faster than an oven, it really doesn't. It cooks faster than an oven in most cases, and uses less electricity, but it doesn't cook that fast.

It seems like this countertop deep fryer isn't for everyone. It's quite large and can prove difficult to store. It may be better if it's just you and one other person rather than the whole family, as it also can’t fit entire meals inside. All in all, this may be good for some people, but you have to decide whether or not it's right for you.

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The Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

big-easy-oilless-fryer When I 1st started looking for an oilless turkey fryer, this is the option they kept coming. And truly, this sets the bar for every other oilless turkey fryer out there.

Even the name implies Southern deep-fried goodness.

This oilless fryer is very similar to the butterball turkey fryer. It can handle up to a 16 pound bird as well as other large cuts of meat including chicken, pork, tenderloin and beef roasts. You can inject your own dry rubs and sauces for added flavor and you don't have to worry about messy, expensive oil.

Also like the other turkey fryer, this one should only be used outside, but since he uses infrared and other technology to cook the bird instead of oil, it's 100 times safer than a normal turkey fryer.

The big easy comes with the cooker, a basket, a lifter to take the basket out of the cooker, a meat thermometer, a guide, a grease tray to  catch all of your juices for later use and handles that remain cool.

If you compare this to the previous turkey fryer I talked about, this one is less expensive and gets better reviews overall.

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Benefits of an Oilless Deep Fryer…and Some Drawbacks Too


Fried turkey is just amazing – the best turkey you'll ever have, but there is some serious drawbacks to deep frying a turkey. First, and the least important drawback, is that it’s not very healthy. Now, you may not care much about that because you only have fried turkey once or twice a year and that's perfectly fine. In fact, it's probably more healthy that you are actually eating what you want then denying yourself at every twist and turn.

But that's beside the point.

The more worrying drawback to deep frying a turkey in a traditional turkey deep fryer is that it's extremely dangerous. The stories have been all over the news in the past couple of years (just check here and here). There are even a bunch of YouTube videos. Just check out this one:

For future reference, if you are around someone frying a turkey, do not do it on a deck or patio or anything else that can burn, and always keep an eye on it.

Anyway, an oilless turkey fryer is a much safer way to get the same taste. Your house or family is probably not worth the risk of a juicy turkey. That's why I started this site. To show you all your options.

Those are the major benefits – health and safety – for getting an oilless fryer instead of a traditional fryer. This option is also great if you have someone in your household with a peanut allergy, as you usually have to use peanut oil to fry a turkey. In the long run, it's also cheaper because you do not have to buy vats of oil for your bird.

Some of the Drawbacks in Comparison

One reason to use a deep fryer over an oven, is that the turkey cooks so much faster. Oil fryers take about 4 minutes per pound to cook a turkey. That’s exceptionally fast. Oilless turkey fryers, depending on the model, take about 10 minutes per pound. That’s still a significant gain over the oven, but less than half as fast as true frying.

The basket used to hold your bird in an oilless fryer may also leave marks on your bird, so if you're Martha Stewart this may not work for you (but I’m sure even Martha would think this was cool, overall). But if you're like most of the rest the world don't really care about that, then this shouldn't be a problem.

The more I look into these things the more I think it’s a no-brainer:

If you value flavor, savings, health and safety over presentation and time it takes to cook, go with one of these turkey fryers.

Butterball Electric Fryer

 turkey-fryerA couple of years ago I went on a total health kick. Unfortunately, my in-laws weren't so concerned about staying healthy. I dreaded Thanksgiving every year, because every year my beloved mother-in-law fried a turkey.
Maybe I should've been able to get over it, but I just couldn't. My anxiety over waste calories at the time took me over (not all that healthy either, I admit).
Last year,Thanksgiving came around and I decided that maybe we should compromise a little bit.
I had to admit the fried turkey was pretty much the best turkey I'd ever had – juicy and succulent.
But there had a way to get the same effect without all the oil and grease. It took me a little bit of time, but I finally decided on the butterball electric fryer. My mother-in-law, graciously, agreed to give it a try.
And boy was it good. In fact, it was even better than our usual fried turkey. Juicy and perfect. We've used it every year since.
This turkey fryer comes with a fryer basket that can hold up to an 18 pound turkey (among other things….also more on that later), a turkey stand, and a hook you can use to help lift the turkey without burning yourself.
It also comes with a drip pan, which catches all of the luscious drips from your turkey to make gravy, and a chip box which you can use to add a wood smoke flavor.
This baby is what started my journey into oil less deep-fryers and oil less turkey fryers. Stay tuned – more recipes and stories to come!